About Ki-ryn team

Who are we and what do we do?

“Ki-ryryn.com” helps to understand the casino industry around the world and especially UK casino.

We introduce players to reliable providers, select the best slots to play and do our best to develop the gaming community. “Ki-ryryn” also maintains a rating of online casinos, it is updated daily. Our experts evaluate institutions by key criteria and determine reliable providers of the gambling sphere.
The full list of casinos is available on the main page of the portal. These are reliable operators that are suitable for safe gaming.

On the website “Ki-ryryn.com” rating of online casinos is quite dynamic, here you can see a regular change in the rating of the institution. We monitor the situation on the market and watch how the casino works to maintain its reputation on our resource. That’s why we take into account players’ complaints in real time, if there were any, as well as the speed of their resolution and willingness to communicate with the player and our team.

We make gambling accessible and understandable. We try to talk simple about complicated things.

We know and constantly remind, that playing online casino is a bright emotion and feeling, but definitely not the way and opportunity to earn money. You have to play your leisure time wisely. We are for safe playing, gambling is for fun and not more. That’s why we’re for responsible gambling and part of our resource is to talk about it.
We also publish news about the casino industry and tell about the bonuses of institutions. So that the player picks the best place for safe gambling and get the most out of their game. This is important to us, we strive to make your game comfortable and bright.

On our site we have access to the opinions of leading experts in the casino industry in Ukraine and the world. These are expert positions on key issues in the field of gambling.
We are building a new community, which will share the knowledge and experience on our site. This is one of the main tasks of our site.

The portal pays special attention to poker. We are developing this direction as a separate product. More and more cool and exclusive materials about this game discipline can be found on the pages of our site. And this is just the beginning.

So don’t miss your chance to become a part of a new community together with Ki-ryn.com.